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construction companies in Dubai

The construction industry has played a pivotal role in the transformation and progress of the UAE. From their modest beginnings in the 1930s to their current prominence, construction companies in Dubai are the driving force behind the astonishing development and creation of modern, cutting-edge urban landscapes. UAE has undergone an astonishing metamorphosis in recent decades. It went from being a mostly desert region to becoming a global economic and tourist power.

In this article, you will learn about the evolution of the construction industry in UAE from the 1930s until now. Likewise, we will take a look at the most important construction companies in Dubai, as well as their perspectives and scope to improve the quality of life in this country.

UAE Construction Industry since 1930’s

construction companies in Dubai

The construction industry in UAE has seen significant growth from the 1930s to the present. In this sense, during this period, the UAE underwent an impressive transformation. That is, going from being a mostly desert region to currently being a modern and vibrant urban center.

For its part, in the 1930s, UAE was primarily an economy in which its strengths were fishing, agriculture, and trade. However, with the discovery of oil in the 1950s, the country’s economy underwent a drastic change. As a result, the economic income from oil activity allowed the UAE to invest considerably in infrastructure and construction projects, especially with construction companies in Dubai.

In the 1970s, especially after the formation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971, major construction projects were carried out to boost the country’s development. There was the construction of roads, ports, and airports to improve connections and facilitate trade and tourism. In addition, planned cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai were established and quickly transformed into economic and tourist centers.

Now, with the UAE being a new tourist destination as a global financial center, the construction industry has experienced a notable boom since the 1990s. Both cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are symbols of modern architecture and innovation in construction in this country. It is important to note the construction of iconic skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the development of luxurious projects such as the artificial islands Palm Jumeirah.

The UAE government plays a key role in boosting the construction industry. It implements favorable policies and provides incentives to attract foreign investment. In addition, there are numerous local and international construction companies in Dubai that contribute to the development and execution of projects.

Al-Futtaim Group

Al – Futtaim Group is a local construction contractor company, and wholly owned by Al-Futtaim Group. This company focuses on offering and delivering excellent service to its exclusive list of clients. With more than 40 years in the market, its main projects cover a wide list of building, civil engineering, and infrastructure works.

The success of the company results in impressive economic numbers. In this sense, its turnover of more than 2 billion AED as well as having one of the largest local workforces in the construction industry is a testament to the level of knowledge, competence, and experience in the market.

On the other hand, something that characterizes Al-Futtaim Group is that it takes on projects working together with its clients and their respective design teams. With this, they are able to provide profitable solutions with the use of innovative techniques.

Al Habtoor Group LLC

Practically, the Al Habtoor Group has grown along with the United Arab Emirates, starting as a small engineering company in 1970; today it is one of the best construction firms in UAE Likewise, this company provides its services to the automotive, hotel, educational, real estate, and publishing sectors.

Currently, Al Habtoor Group LLC operates both in the UAE and international markets, employing thousands of top-level professionals. When you hear the name “Al Habtoor Group”, this means dynamic growth, developing and growing businesses in different sectors of the local and international economy.

For its part, this successful company can say that it has various branches in several cities around the world, such as Vienna, Budapest, London, Beirut, and Springfield.

Al Qaswa Group

This company has prestige both nationally and internationally for its experience in the execution of large-scale construction projects and its commitment to excellence in this sector. For its part, Al Qaswa Group has a focus on quality, innovation, and timely delivery of projects. Likewise, it has a highly capable team of engineers, architects, and construction professionals who work closely to achieve outstanding results.

On the other hand, Al Qaswa Group’s client portfolio covers a wide range of projects. These projects include commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, and key infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and urban development projects. The company works jointly with major developers and government entities to carry out projects that leave their mark on Dubai.

Likewise, the company also has a strong focus on sustainability and the adoption of environmentally friendly construction practices. In this sense, the company integrates eco-friendly technologies and processes in its projects with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact and contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

In addition to its construction experience, Al Qaswa Group also provides its services to other related sectors such as engineering and consulting. This allows them to expand their reach and offer comprehensive services to their clients.

KCPC Construction LLC

The focus of this company is to be a company in the construction industry in Dubai that offers its clients innovative and sustainable solutions to transform communities. Likewise, KCPC Construction LLC provides exceptional quality to its clients with the highest standards of professionalism and environmental and social responsibility.

This company also shows experience and a cooperative approach with the objective of positively impacting through the execution of its construction projects.

Albwardy Engineering Enterprises

Albwardy Engineering Enterprises has a strong reputation in the construction industry in Dubai due to its experience, integrity, and ability to carry out large construction projects. Likewise, it has participated in the execution of emblematic projects in Dubai and throughout the Gulf region, contributing to the impressive growth and development of the city.

In this sense, the company’s experience in this sector allows it to maintain lasting relationships with its clients and business partners.

When we talk about Albwardy Engineering Enterprises we are talking about a leading construction company in Dubai which stands out for its experience, and ability to execute large projects. Their focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability positions them as a key player in the construction industry in Dubai and across the region.

Therefore, this company is the main player in the execution of the following major construction projects in Dubai:

  • Burj Al Arab.
  • Dubai Marina.
  • Emirates Towers.
  • Dubai International Airport.

Al Jaber L.E.G.T. Engineering & Contracting (ALEC)

Al Jaber L.E.G.T. Engineering & Contracting (ALEC) is one of the leading companies in the construction sector in Dubai, participating in a wide variety of projects throughout the Gulf region.

Likewise, this company has participation in the execution of the following construction projects:

  • Atlantis, The Palm:

Al Jaber L.E.G.T. Engineering & Contracting (ALEC) is responsible for the construction of the iconic Atlantis resort, The Palm. This impressive hotel, and entertainment complex is a world-renowned tourist attraction.

  • Dubai Opera:

The company has participation in the construction of the Dubai Opera. The Dubai Opera is a world-class performance venue that hosts a variety of cultural and artistic events, including opera, ballet, theater, and concerts.

  • The Opus:

This company was an integral part of the construction of “The Opus”, a skyscraper with a unique design in Dubai. In this sense, this building stands out for its distinctive architecture and houses a combination of residential, commercial, and hotel spaces.

These are some examples of the projects in which Al Jaber L.E.G.T. Engineering & Contracting (ALEC) has a stake. In this sense, this company stands out for its ability to address complex technical challenges, its focus on quality, and its commitment to excellence in construction. It also continues to play a significant role in the Dubai’s real estate development and in the entire UAE.

El Seif Engineering Contracting

Seif Engineering Contracting has participation in several projects that stand out in Dubai and the region. Some notable examples of construction projects are:

  • Emirates Towers:

The company has a stake in the construction of the Emirates Towers. We are talking about a skyscraper complex that houses offices, hotels and commercial spaces. These buildings certainly contribute to the definition of Dubai’s skyline.

  • Dubai International Airport:

Seif Engineering Contracting has construction and expansion projects at Dubai International Airport. For its part, the company’s experience in the execution of infrastructure projects is essential for the development and continuous improvement of this important airport center.

  • Palm Jumeirah:

This is one of the most famous artificial islands in Dubai. The company has high participation in the construction of residential buildings and tourist complexes on this iconic artificial island.

Arabtec Construction

These are some of the most emblematic construction projects of Arabtec Construction in Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa:

Arabtec Construction played a key role in the construction of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. His construction experience and ability to address complex technical challenges were instrumental in the realization of this iconic structure.

  • Dubai Mall:

This company also has participation in the execution of the construction of the Dubai Mall project. In this sense, this is one of the largest and most famous shopping centers in the world. Similarly, Arabtec Construction’s experience in building large-scale commercial projects was vital to the success of this project.

  • Dubai Marina:

Arabtec Construction has been involved in construction projects in Dubai Marina. This company has a high participation in the construction of residential, commercial buildings, and other developments in this coastal area.

Finally, Arabtec Construction continues to play an important role in the construction industry in the region, providing high-quality construction solutions and contributing to the growth and development of Dubai.

Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC

This company has a rich history and a solid reputation in the construction industry in the region.  Next, we will present a summary of his participation in his most important works:

  • Dubai International Airport:

The company excels in construction and expansion projects at Dubai International Airport. This work highlights its performance in the quality of industrial safety in the execution of the project, which was fundamental for its success.

  • Healthcare City:

Khansaheb Civil Engineering also excels in the development and construction of Dubai Healthcare City. This is a highly prestigious medical center in the region. In this sense, their contribution stands out in the construction of cutting-edge healthcare facilities.

  • Dubai Opera:

The participation of this company in the construction of the Dubai Opera lies in its experience in the construction of cultural infrastructures which is a solid basis for the success in the execution of this project.

United Engineering Construction Company

This company plays an important role in the urban development of Dubai. That is why it has the execution of the following construction projects:

  • Dubai Marina:

Their role in this project lies in the construction of residential and commercial buildings in Dubai Marina. In this sense, its experience in the construction of skyscrapers and residential complexes is fundamental for the development of this area.

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence:

This is a beachfront residential complex that offers a luxury lifestyle. Its contribution to this work lies in the construction of residential towers and the creation of commercial and leisure spaces.

  • Dubai Hills Estate:

We are talking about a first-class residential community with large green areas and amenities. Its role in this development lies in the construction of housing and the creation of modern infrastructure.


construction companies in Dubai

The construction companies in Dubai have played a vital role in the development of Dubai and the entire UAE. Now, the growth of this sector of the economy began practically in the 1930s. It is important to highlight that this area was predominantly a desert area, and today, it is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the world.

Later, this industry had a “boom” in the 1950s with the discovery of oil. In this sense, with the entry of greater income from the sale of crude oil, the construction industry had a significant increase.

In the 1970s, the United Arab Emirates was formed. This led to the acceleration of the construction process of this country. For them, these companies built roads, ports, and airports to improve connections with the aim of increasing trade and tourism. From that moment to the present, many construction companies in Dubai have contributed with the most important projects.

In summary, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, in part thanks to Dubai´s top builders, went from being a predominantly desert area to being one of the countries with the highest level of infrastructure in the world.

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