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Bespoke Furniture Design Services

At LLA Designers we offer custom furniture design services that are more than people usually expect. Our professional designers work with you to make custom-made furniture pieces that express your individual style and meet your particular requirements, with the purpose of upgrading your space. We feel that furniture should be better than something that is just functional; it must reflect your personality and lifestyle. The beginning of our personalized furniture design process involves getting to know your style, making every piece a perfect choice for either your home or your business. From designing to production, we emphasize hand-crafting, high-quality material and accurate detail.

Why Choose LLA Designers for Bespoke Furniture Design?

Personalized Solutions

Personalizing all designs following the preferences you choose will makes sure that your furniture will reflect your style and persona.

Expert Craftsmanship

We highly value our artisans’ long-term skills and experience; this is what we offer for any project to create the highest quality and custom pieces of furniture.

Attention to Detail

We start from the initial sketch to the very last nail, paying particular attention to every little detail. Only this way can we create custom fine furniture that stands out among others.

Our Portfolio

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Bespoke Furniture Design Services

Custom Furniture Consultation

We collaborate with you and your team to make sure we understand your ideas, present your needs, and consider design preferences.

We strive to make your space aesthetically pleasing by taking into account the dimensions to create our custom pieces that perfectly fit in.

Unique Design Concepts

We take pride in saying that we create original design concepts according to your own style.

Whether statement pieces or a complex furniture line, our professionals stand by to bring your dreams into reality.

Collaborative Design Process
Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Every individual bespoke furniture piece is meticulously handcrafted by the master artisans.

We highly value the use of long-lasting and quality materials to achieve both durability, longevity and a timeless look for your custom furniture.

Collaborative Design Process

We believe in team work and we will engage you in the whole design process.

Feedback during the prototype stage is crucial, as we establish concepts, choose materials, and polish designs to make sure that the outcome satisfies your expectations.

Unique Design Concepts
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Frequently Asked Questions

The time to create custom-made furniture in the UAE can change according to the size of the project and the type of furniture you need.

Yes, bespoke furniture can have a higher cost than mass=produced furniture. However, with custom-made furniture, you can have exactly what you want for your spaces according to your needs and requirements.

Yes, our team can refurbish or customize your already existing furniture to transform them and give a new life to your rooms.

Usually, we start with an initial meeting to get to know your requirements, needs, and overall budget. Then, we will work with you to come up with designs that are perfect for you. Once the design is approved, we will start working towards your project. 

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