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At LLA Interior Design, our ethos revolves around telling your story through every space we design. From intimate homes to majestic structures, our team at LLA Architects Studio revels in creating diverse environments tailored to your essence. Under the leadership of Andrey Solncev,
We’ve taken on significant projects in the UAE. At LLA, we don’t just sketch plans. We envision the lives and stories behind every detail we craft, breathing life into interior designs that embody the owner’s vision and infuse each space with unparalleled artistry and personal resonance.

Our Core Values

Cultural Fusion

We smoothly blend diverse design influences, like European aesthetics, to infuse a fresh, inclusive style into UAE projects.


Our designs introduce unique concepts to the UAE, merging modernity with tradition, setting new benchmarks in architectural evolution.


We honor genuine materials, ensuring durability, appreciating uniqueness, and embodying the essence of each concept.
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Renowned for his global design perspective imbued with contemporary elegance, Andrey collaborates closely with clients to curate spaces that mirror their values and identity. His captivating designs have garnered acclaim in various publications.

“Upon joining LLA, my vision for Dubai's design was clear: fuse cultural heritage with futuristic innovation. Guided by my philosophy - merging scientific precision, artistic flair, and emotional resonance, I strive to create architectural marvels, bespoke furniture, and immersive interiors blending tradition and modernity, setting new benchmarks for the city's aesthetics.”
Andrey Solncev
Interior Designer in Dubai

LLA Designer Family

Our family comprises smart, dedicated, and friendly individuals, including skilled interior designers, draftsmen, product developers, architects, and various specialists.
Unmatched Experience

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Residential Projects

Explore our extensive portfolio of over 500 residential interior projects, each showcasing our commitment to quality, creativity, and personalized design.

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Expert Professionals

Access a team of 100+ expert interior design professionals, ready to transform your space into a personalized oasis of style and functionality

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Commercial Projects

Discover our portfolio of 500+ commercial interior design projects, showcasing innovative solutions tailored to elevate your business environment

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Years of Excellence

With a decade of excellence in home renovation, we bring expertise and dedication to every project, turning your vision into reality with precision and flair

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Stands Out for Our Exceptional Creative Choices in Dubai

Acknowledged as a premier interior design company in Dubai, we’re celebrated for our innovative work. Our designers take pride in crafting luxurious, innovative residential, and commercial projects, tailored to reflect unique lifestyles.


At LLA Interior Design, our mission is to transform spaces through innovation, authenticity, and a profound understanding of our clients’ requirements. We aim to design environments that not only reflect individuality but also inspire and elevate the human experience within them.

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